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Solar Install

My Honda Odyssey Project

Do it Yourself

Prepare for Natural Disaster

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Solar Generator

Items Include: Tracer 30 AMP Solar Controller 1000 Watt Inverter 30AMP, 100AMP fuses Voltmeter, MT5 Meter

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Learn How to Install Solar Panels

Solar Panel Install Videos post at Youtube under Vantastic Odyssey Solar Install

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No More Dead Battery

Support your Solar System and your Battery with a duel battery isolator.

Steps to Preparing

Do It Right

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Drone Footage

I am now shooting in 4k using the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. I make comparisons from 720 to 2k

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WallStreet style

There are many facits to Van life

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WallStreet style

My first set up for my refrigerator. Domitek refrigerator are expensive. My refrigerator cost me 82.00 dollars.

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Solar Generator

Building a Solar Generator

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You Can Prevent a Dead Battery by Installing a VSR Duel Battery Relay

Prevent a dead Battery. Install a Duel Battery Isolator by Keyline sold at Amazon.com. This is a voltage sensitive relay. It charges both starter battery and solar system batteries. Please watch my video on how to install a VSR yourself. VSR Install

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El Prado Show and Shine (VANS) VW Show

VW Bus VW Bus VW Bus VW Vans Show and Shine

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Prepare to live Off The Grid

Be prepared in case of outages. Do you have a back-up plan. Now is the time to prepare. You are welcome to submit questions regarding installing solar panels to your vehicle. Make your vehicle a safe dwelling.