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Project Steps

Making a list is the first thing I did.  I knew I was going to do this, so I bought my solar panels first.  I bought 2 120 watt solar panels.  The items I needed are listed below.

Pick your panels first, so measure your area, know your



Solar Panel Solar Panel
Double Sided Tape Double Sided Tape
Gorilla Tape Gorilla Tape


Branch Connectors Branch Connectors
MC4 Male/Female Connectors MC4 Male/Female Connectors
8 AWG Stranded Wire 8 AWG Stranded Wire




Double-sided tape was used (industrial strength) I used 3M.  Also, I used Gorilla Tape to mask leading edge.

I connected my wiring in parallel(not series). I used branch connectors. I needed to make some MC4 terminals.  So, after the MC4 terminals, I continued using 8 AWG. So from panel to connector it is 10 AWG, then continued with 8 AWG

I did not need to drill.  I removed bushing and ran the wiring thru conduit.

All the way down thru paneling.

and out thru where the jack is kept

vantasticodyssey Solar Generator

Solar Generator and Refrigerator Fit

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