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Prepare to live Off The Grid

Be prepared in case of outages. Do you have a back-up plan. Now is the time to prepare. You are welcome to submit questions regarding installing solar panels to your vehicle. Make your vehicle a safe dwelling.

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Inexpensive 4k Novatek Camera

I shoot all my videos using this camera.  It is wifi-capable.  Shoots at 30 – 60 frames per second.  Other features; time lapse, cycle mode, motion detection, white balance, anti-shaking, exposure, and more. I purchased mine at amazon because they have a great return policy. Link below 


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5 WAYS to FIGHT Mold

1 Keeps windows rolled up at night to keep moisture entering vehicle. This is if you are not in the vehicle. If you living in the vehicle then you will need a fan to circulate the air.


2 Allow the sun to shine in your vehicle. The sun will kill mold. It will also prevent it from spreading rapidly. However, it will not eliminate it completely.


3 Keep your vehicle clean. If you spill something, clean it vacuum and shampoo carpet. If you have a mattress flip it.


4 There is a product called Damprid that absorbs moisture in dark places. It is non toxic. Always verify.


5 If you have a leak, fix it immediately. If you find mold, you need to air out your vehicle. Do not use your vehicle air-conditioner or heater to do this because it will allow spores to accumulate in your filter system.

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