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Preparing an alternate shelter incase of an earthquake

You would do well to have 3 days of water and food.
blankets and a change of clothes.
flashlight and batteries.

This is the short list.

The long list takes more effort.

Please save page and return for comprehensive strategy for vehicle dwelling.

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Simple video about MT-5 meter upload March 9

The MT-5 meter is a LCD used for the Tracer solar controller.  It helps to have one in order to adjust settings.  You can adjust yours settings without it, however it is cumbersome.  The MT-5 lets you adjust AH for your batteries so you get the proper charge.  It displays amount of volts and amps the solar panels are generating and the charge of the battery. Please watch video at   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz1o4733e48&t=21s

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Hi, Im still building my website. I am getting many calls from people.

Yes, I’m still building this website. I have received many calls from people and companies to help build the site.  However, I want to build it myself even if it takes some time.  I am enjoying the journey not just the destination.  Thank you to everyone offering your help.

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